Jeanette Stoffregen’s Bride Book, 1930, “Mr. and Mrs. Dare Entertain Bridal Party After Rehearsal”

Two separate newspaper cut-outs titled "Mr. and Mrs. Dare Entertain Bridal Party After Rehearsal" and "Newspaper Men Hosts at Dinner"

Two separate newspaper cut-outs placed side-by-side. The cut-out on the right is titled: “”Mr. and Mrs. Dare Entertain Bridal Party After Rehearsal” and the cut-out on the left is titled “Newspaper Men Hosts at Dinner” with the title “Mr. Hunter Entertained at Stag Dinner in Richmond” at the bottom of the clipping.
The left column reads “Mr. and Mrs. Dare Entertain Bridal Party After Rehearsal.
Following rehearsal at the Presbyterian church Monday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dare entertained in compliment to Miss Jeanette Stoffregen and George L. Hunter jr., whose wedding this evening at 8 o’clock at the Presbyterian church is a social event of interest.
In addition to Miss Stoffregen and Mr. Hunter, the following attended: Miss Katherine Stoffregen, Miss Ella Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hunter, Miss Virginia Taylor Cole, Mrs. Roland J. Leveque, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Adams, Miss Etta Barney, Miss Anne Brooke Gibson, Mrs. Kirby Tucker, Everett S. Cole, William J. Rowe, R. H. L. Chichester and Dr. Fielding L. Wilson.
Mrs. Olney Hume Powers delightfully entertained at a bridge-luncheon at her home ‘Green Branch’ in Stafford County yesterday afternoon in honor of Miss Jeanette Stoffregen, whose marriage to George L. Hunter, jr., takes place this evening at the Presbyterian church.
Miss Stoffregen was presented with a guest prize, while the first went to Mrs. A. L. Powers. Mrs. C. E. Hunter received second high score award.
Mrs. Powers guests included the following: Misses Jeanette and Katherine Stoffregen, Ella Martin, Flossie Rawlings, Lillian Claybrook, Vivian Daniel, Nancy Payne, Mary Lowery, Margaret Crutchfield and Mestiames R. J. Leveque, C. E. Hunter, W. P. Hunter, Leitch Segar, A. L. Powers, Beverly Roberts, Robert Payne, John C. Shelton, Mennis L. Gibson, Holcombe Gibson, Lee Follimer and Mrs. Gilchrist.
Hunter-Stoffregen Wedding To Be Solemnized Tonight.
The marriage of Miss Jeanette MacDonald Stoffregen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Lee Stoffregen, to George Lawrence Hunter, jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George L. Hunter, will be solemized tonight at 8 o’clock in the Presbyterian church. The marriage, which will be the outstanding social event of the soring season, will be performed by the Rev. Richard V. Lancaster and the Rev. Dudley A. Boogher.
May out-of-town guests have arrived to attend the ceremony and the reception which will follow it at the home of the bride-elect’s parents on Caroline street.”
On the right column, it says “NEWSPAPER MEN HOSTS AT DINNER
Given In Honor Of George L. Hunter, Jr., Of The Staff, Who Is To Be Married.
Members of the mechanical department of The Free Lance-Star were hosts at a supper Monday night in the American Cafe in honor of Geo. L. Hunter, Jr., of the business department of the paper, who is about to become a Benedict.
The dinner, engineered by ‘Ikey’ Middleton, sterotyping ace of the force, was delightfully served. It consisted of soup, chicken, asparagus tips, potatoes, celery, olives, coffee and dessert.
Adhering to the unwritten rule followed at gatherings of newspaper men, no speeches were permitted but informally Mr. Hunter received the congratulations and sincere good wishes of his fellow workers.
The dinner came off without incident except that N. B. Kinsey, ‘legman,’ mistook soup served in a cup with a handle for coffee, and put sugar in it.
Those present were: Mr. Hunter; Bernard Jackson and Perry A. Thompson, linotypes; Clarence A., ‘Rats’ Lewis, make-up; Col. Harold Tompkins Ballard, linotype; I. H. ‘Ikey’ Middleton, sterotype; N. B. Kinsey, ‘legman’; Roy Morris, circulation; Chester B. Goolrick, editorial department.
Mr. Hunter Entertained At Stag Dinner in Richmond.
A stag dinner in honor of George L. Hunter, jr., whose marriage to Miss Jeanette Stoffregen will take place next Tuesday, was held last night at Reuger’s Hotel in Richmond. The dinner was given by Mr. Hunter’s groomsmen.
The following attended: Mr. Hunter, Dr. Fielding L. Wilson, R. H. L. Chichester, jr., William J. Rowe, Everett S. Cole, Josiah P. Rowe, jr., Warren Farmer, Alvin Biscoe, of Fredericksburg, Charles E. Hunter and Dr. W. Trent Wilson, of Hopewell.”

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