Embedded below is a transcription of Anne Wilson’s “Me and Mine” family history. Anne received an “A” on this paper that she wrote between her 8th and 10th grade years, roughly between 1951 and 1954. Formatting has been copied from the original text. Please allow a brief pause when assessing the chapters using the table of contents.

“Me and Mine”

By Anne Wilson

Chapter NumberChapter TitlePage Number (In original text)
1My Ancestors2
2My Parents8
3The Beginning of My Life11
4My Earliest Recollection14
5My Home17
6A Sorrow in My Life19
7My Brother20
8My First Trip to the Mountains25
9My Pets27
10My Friends31
11My First School Experiences34
12Two Summers at Camp36
13My Future Plans40
“Me and Mine” Table of Contents

Chapter One: My Ancestors 

My ancestors came chiefly from Scotland, England, Wales and Germany. We know a great deal more about some branches of my family than we do about others but I think genealogy is very interesting and hope that someday I can find out more about my family. There are many interesting stories which have been told in our family that I shall tell in this chapter.

My mother’s grandmother’s family came from England and can be traced back to Reginald de Peyton of Peyton Hall in Boxford, England who was living in eleven thirty-six when his son John was confirmed by King Stephen but his birth date is unknown. The de was dropped by Sir Thomas Peyton who was born on February the fourteenth, fourteen sixteen. The Peytons stayed in England until Robert Peyton came to Virginia sometime before sixteen seventy nine. The births of his children were not recorded in England so they were most likely born in Virginia although these records cannot be found it is thought that they burned as many records have. His son was a speaker in the House of Burgesses. His grandson Francis Dade Peyton, also a Burgess fought as a colonel in the American Revolution. His great-great-great-great-grand-daighter was Ella McCharthy, my great-grandmother. I shall now tell you something about Hugh McDonald Martin whom she married.

My great-grandfather was from the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We do not know much about his ancestry. We do know however that he studied at the University of Edinburgh and Paris. He developed a case of d.B and so was forced to take an ocean voyage. He came to this country and arrived during the Civil War. Having gotten well on the trip over he joined the southern army as a doctor. He met my great-grandmother when she was taking care of some wounded soldiers and he fell in love at first sight. They were married soon after, using a ring a dying soldier had given them. After the war they settled in Falmouth for he thought it looked like a little Scotch town. They later moved to the house across the street from the Baptist Church, now a tourist home. The little house in the yard was used as an office and if you even walk on the path beside it you can see the gate with the name “Dr. Hugh McDonald Martin” on it.

My mother’s father’s parents came from Germany. His parents both came to this country as children with the parents and married later. Here is an interesting story of their life during the Civil War.

My great-grandmother was in a town in Pennsylvania and my great-grandfather was in Virginia. She wrote to him telling him that the child was dying. He got a union uniform and reached her. He had to climb in through the window and she thought that he was really a union man and screamed. Before he could see the child the union men him and said that they would hang him as a spy. During the night the baby died and she thought her husband was going to be killed and she said that her hair turned white that night. But that night Jackson captured the town and saved my great-grandfather’s life.

My grandfather, Robert Lee Stoffregen was born in the John Paul Jones House here in Fredericksburg.

My grandparents were sweethearts at sixteen and married eight years later. They had three children of whom my mother was the youngest.

The earliest records of my father’s people in this country was when James Wilson came to this country from Scotland in 1650. His grandson Willis Wilson, a member of the House of Burgesses was my grandfather Wilson’s great-great-grandfather. I shall come back here later but now I shall tell you something about my grandmother.

My grandmother’s parents died when she was a baby and we know very little about her family except that they were Welch. An interesting story about my great-grandfather is he being a doctor was writing a patient and heard a girl singing. He said, “I’ve got to meet that voice.” And he did. He later married her.

My grandmother married a minister, Mr. McLean but at his death she was nineteen and had two children. She later married Mr. Wilson my grandfather but he died a month before my father was born. She had two girls and five boys of whom my father the youngest. 

My ancestors on both sides of the family have lived in or near Fredericksburg for quite a number of years and I think it is very interesting to see the place in which members of my family have lived or places that have played any part in their lives.

Chapter Two: My Parents

My mother was born at her home eleven hundred Caroline Street on March the fifth in nineteen eight. She has lived here ever since, except for two years she spent in Chicago. She went to the Medical College of Virginia where she received her [?] as a laboratory technician. 

My father was born in Stanley, North Carolina but he moved to Fredericksburg when he was a baby and has lived here ever since. He went to Hampton-Sydney College and to the Medical College of Virginia.

My father and my uncle have always been good friends. One day my father was looking for my uncle and she learned that he was at his sweethearts home. His sweetheart was my mother’s sister. My father went down to get him and my mother answered the door. Daddy says he fell in love at first sight, but Mama didn’t.

The first date they had was when Daddy walked home from church with Mama one Sunday. She had turned around because he and a friend were misbehaving and he walked home with her to try to explain his conduct.

He proposed to her in the year nineteen twenty-nine but my mother wanted to finish college and work one year so they were not married until November the seventh nineteen thirty-one.

They went to Asheville, North Carolina for their honeymoon. They moved to my father’s mother’s home where they have lived ever since.

Chapter Three: The Beginning of my Life

My life began on Monday, December the thirty-first in the year nineteen thirty-four in the year nineteen thirty-four at ten forty-five A.M. I was born at Mary Washington Hospital here in Fredericksburg. I weighed eight pounds and twelve ounces at birth. 

I was named for my mother’s mother. Her maiden name was Anne Gilmer Martin and though she was called Gilmer all of her life she did not like it and wanted me to be named Anne. The following is a poem she wrote about me 

Little Anne”

My little maid you are only two

With your hair of gold

And your eyes of blue,

My little one I love you so

You have the face of my sweetheart

Of long ago.

The name we bear, both you and me,

Was a little Scotch lassie’s across the sea.

Who early went to her father’s home

And will be waiting there for when we come.

May life be kind to you my sweet;

May you be early led to the master’s feet,

Be loyal, be tender, be loving and true

Do always for others whatever you can

And God bless you and keep you,

My little Anne.”

Poem to Anne Martin Wilson written by Anne Gilmer Martin

I was christened at the Presbyterian Church here in Fredericksburg on May the nineteenth in nineteen thirty-five by Reverend R.V. Lancaster. My mother and my baby look both say I was good so I suppose was. 

Chapter Four: My Earliest Recollections

Many of my earliest recollections are of are of times at my great-uncle’s cottage at Willoughby. This was not a cottage really but a house for it accommodated about three or four families at one time. We almost had a family reunion down there every summer.

I don’t know whether I can remember this or if I think I do because it has been told to me so often. At any rate I’ll tell it to you now. I was eating spinach and having quite a time with it (probably because I could barely see over the table) when all of a sudden I had spinach on my clean white shoe. I don’t know how it got to my shoe without sliding through my lap but somehow it did). At this age I don’t think I knew about shoe polish and it was or else I don’t think I would have done what I did next for I started yelling for my father whom I then called “Dada.” He came to see what was the matter. He soon found out that it was just spinach. I am sure I was not punished for if I had been it would have been told to me too and as it wasn’t I must say that this is all that I know of this experience.

I have many recollections of good times at Ingleside with Alma Rowe. Some of the best times were when we milked the lame cow, one on each side and when we took two of Alma’s aunt’s dresses to the far corner of their cornerfield where we put them on and then we thought we were witches for the rest of the day because we had frightened our little brothers. We had many other experiences but I think I have told the most interesting ones.

Chapter Five: My Home

My home has eleven rooms, an attic, and a basement. We have five bedrooms, a parlor, a library, a dining room, and kitchen.

My bedroom is decorated in blue and pink. The wallpaper is light blue with a white border that looks like a white organdy ruffle. My curtains are white with big pink roses. My bed spreads are blue [OMITTED]  white. All of my furniture except my desk and bookcase is natural wood color.

Our attic has many interesting things in it. I like to look through the old trunks up there but I cannot play up there though I wish I could.

Our backyard is not very large but we have a garage which my father does not use for the car but my friends and I use it as a playhouse. We found some old furniture, painted it, and fixed the garage up. The boys mess it up often for they run through it but I find it as much fun fixing again as playing in it. 

We also play on both porches of the house. They are big enough to have my paper dolls spread out so we often play there in spring and summer. 

I have lived at my present home all of my life. My address is 607 Hawke Street.

Chapter Six: A Sorrow in My Life

The first real sorrow in my life was the death of my mothers’ mother for whom I was named. I Was three years old and I had spent a good part of my life at her home for my mother often took me down there.  Don’t remember much about it except that it was the first time I had ever seen my mother cry.

I remember that this was the first time I remember seeing my aunt and uncle from Wisconsin. I also remember that for quite a long time afterwards we visited her grave. I also know that before this time I do not remember anything about my grandfather but after this time I remember him well. 

She died six days after my third birthday and I remember more about my birthday than I do about my grandmother’s death. This was the first sorrow in my life though I don’t know much about it.

Chapter Seven: My Brother

My brother was born on Sunday, July the third in nineteen thirty-eight. He was named for my father. HIs name is Fielding Lewis Wilson Junior. He was a very cute baby. He weighed eight pounds when he was born at nine forty p.m. 

I remember one day soon after he came home from the hospital my mother said that I could get his orange juice and also some for her and for myself. I went down and the maid got the orange juice and then I insisted on taking it upstairs. She was afraid that I would spill it so she took it upstairs then gave it to me, opened the door for me then went down again. I remember that after I had finished my orange juice she let me hold Lewis. I don’t think I have ever been more proud than I was then.

He is quite a nuisance. He is at present just at a most annoying age. He takes great delight in bothering me. I think he is just mischievous and he will get over it soon.

Chapter Eight: My First Trip to the Mountains

I have been to the mountains many times and though I head my chapter “My First Trip to the Mountains” it is really the first trip to the mountains that I can remember. We had just had a family reunion and my mother’s cousin offered to take my second cousin and me to her home in Rapidan. Our mothers agreed and soon we were on our way.

They lived a little way out of the Rapidan. My cousin, Kate Lee and I found it very interesting to look around the house. This was the first trip either of us had taken without our parents, but since we were with our cousin and we were gone only two or three days, we were not homesick. We both learned to play croquet.

She took us sightseeing and the thing that interested me most was a mud house. It was more of a hut, but she told us a family lived there and my mother has met the people who live there so I suppose they do.

I have been to the mountains many times and have had fun every time but never have had more fun than on this occasion.

Chapter Nine: My Pets

I have had many animals or pets in my life and I am sure that I love my present pet best but I shall tell a little about my [?] most important.

The first was a big, brown and white pointer of my father’s but I was given the privilege of naming her. I fell in love with her at first sight, and wanted to name her Anne, but my mother said that Anne was a little girl’s name and not suitable for a dog. I still wanted to name her as I said “After me”. I then said I would name him “Me” but of course this wouldn’t do for a dog’s name so my mother suggested “Mimi.” I agreed for I thought it was “MeMe.” This dog was poisoned around nineteen forty or forty-one.

The next pet I shall tell you about is a cat that I had. I had always wanted a cat. One day when I was polishing my shoes my mother told me that my father had come home and that he had a surprise for me. I hurried down the stairs leaving white marks on every step for I had noticed that the soles of my shoes needing polishing for they were awfully dirty so I had polished them. I saw my cat on my father’s shoulder for the first time. He was just an alley cat but I didn’t care a bit. He grew up just about the time Lewis was learning to walk and so he soon learned that there was something that might fall on him anytime in the house so he stayed away from the house most of the time. His jaw became infected and he had to be killed.

Another pair of pets were some white rabbis. Lewis and I named them Columbus and Snow White. I named the male Columbus because we had fixed at one end of his pen an old door so that he could run out on it but for a long time he didn’t  go out on it but finally he discovered that he could so we named him Columbus. They had babies one spring but soon after that Columbus died. We sold the remnants of the family for they were to much trouble to keep.

The pet that I have now is another cat. We have just had her since this past fall. She is a gray, black, and white striped cat and is very nice. I think I like her more than any other pet I have ever had. I always baby talk to her.

I have had quiet a number of pets but these are (as I said before) the most prominent in my mind.

Chapter Ten: My Friends

My best friends are mostly girls of my own age. My best friend is Alma Rowe. I have known her almost all of my life because her father had lived most of his life a half block from my father. Our mothers were also friends and so we met one day in our carriages. I often visited her at Ingleside (the farm on which she lived for a while). We had many good times together. We have always been in the same room at school and we even went to Kindergarten together. 

Another of my friends is Thelma Louise Baughan. I met her in the fourth grade. Alma and I decided to try to like her and succeeded wonderfully well. She went to the same church I go to and our parents met and our friendship grew. We have the same likes and dislikes and though she has moved to Florida we still communicate and shall always be friends. 

Another of my friends is Joanne Insley. We met in the first grade and have been good friends ever since. In the third grade she was at James Monroe School while I was at Lafayette School and so we did not see each other very much but we saw each other a little more when she came back to Lafayette in the fourth and fifth grades, but we really renewed our friendship this year.

I have many friends whom I have met at camp whom I like a lot but I think these are my best friends. 

Chapter Eleven: My First School Experiences

My first teacher was Miss Virginia Lucy Nash. I had already learned to read so I had no trouble in reading class, or in any class for that matter. I did very well in my studies and I remember that she often let me draw. She reserved one section of the blackboard for a picture that she changed each month. She often helped us copy them. 

Miss Nash also taught me in the second grade. I remember a very embarrassing moment in the second grade. We were always drawing faces and putting names of other people who sat near us, under them. I did this and put Bobby Payne’s name under it and somehow the teacher got hold of it and said to the class that I had drawn it. 

Of course now I would not think that this was so bad but at the time I did. 

In the third grade miss Edith Keller was my teacher. I do not remember anything particular that year, except that I got my only C’s which were in penmanship. They are the only two marks I have gotten below B. 

Chapter Twelve: Two Summers at Camp

In nineteen forty-five I received a great surprise. My mother had spoken to me about going to a camp but I had no idea anything would come of it. One day she asked me if I really would like to go. I said that I would and before I knew what was happening my mother was ordering shorts and shirts and we bought a trunk. For weeks we were packing. Near the last of july we went to Charlottesville when I was to get on the train. 

I had a very interesting trip up at White Sulphur Springs in West Virginia for it was through the mountains. 

I arrived one evening and since I had not had supper we went to the dining hall which is halfway up the mountains. 

After the new arrivals had eaten we started down, but before we got down we had a cloudburst. We all ran for the Crafts Lodge or the Play Hall. They say this was about the worst storm Alleghany had ever had. 

About the last week my mother and father came up for my father loves the mountains. They came over to the camp nearly every day and my mother fell in love with it. Then in nineteen forty-six she went up as a counsellor. 

We have wonderful times at camp. There are many things to do and if you meet certain requirements in an activity you can earn an emblem in that. I have three nature emblems, a pro marksman emblem in riflery, a handicraft emblem, a dramatics emblem, and a campcraft emblem. All of three emblems gave me a certain number of points and when added up I had enough points for an Alleghany A. This is an A presented if you have one hundred or more points. 

I find camp loads of fun and hope to go until I am old enough to be a counsellor. Then I can be at camp and get paid too. My mother has a friend who did this and sent herself to Europe.

Chapter Thirteen: My Future Plans

After I finish high school I want to go to Saint Catherine’s Preparatory School in Richmond. My aunt thinks that this would be very good for me. I hope that I can do this. 

For my regular college course I want to go to Randolph Macon College. I do not know exactly why I want to go to Randolph Macon except that I know that it is a good school. My second choice is Sweetbriar College. I do not know why I would like this school either.

I want to learn librarianship for one or two years after this for I plan to be a librarian. I think that I would enjoy this work even though I know that librarians are the poorest paid professional workers. My parents also think I would enjoy this work.

I enjoy genealogy and my mother thinks that I could work on geneology a little too.

I have wanted to be a librarian for quite a long while, and I think still that I would like to make this my life’s work.