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Welcome to Rowe Family Scrapbooks!

To begin, we have created a video that includes information on our project process, as well as how to navigate and use the site. You may watch the video below.

Video Guide

Video: “Adventures in Digital History | Rowe Family Scrapbooks”

Site Layout and Links

Our website is divided into two portions: “Genealogy” and “Scrapbook Scans.” These links are both accessible in the top menu bar.

Visit “Genealogy” to learn about the history and narratives of women in the Rowe family, including specific pages on Anne Wilson Rowe, her mother, Katherine Stoffregen Wilson and her aunt, Jeanette MacDonald Stoffregen, and her grandmother, Anne Gilmer Martin.

Visit “Scrapbook Scans” to browse high-quality galleries featuring photographs from scrapbooks belonging to Anne Wilson Rowe, Katherine Stoffregen Wilson, and Jeanette MacDonald Stoffregen. In this section, you may also learn about the history of scrapbooking in the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as our group’s project scanning process.

Additional Information

A number of individuals and organizations have supported us in making this page, all of whom are listed on our “Contributors” page. We have also consulted a number of resources in conducting research during our project. To view these resources, visit our “Citations” page.

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