30th wedding anniversary greeting cards
Yellow Envelope of 30th Wedding Anniversary Cards, Box 1, 1928, Anne Gilmer Martin Stoffregen

“Blessed are the pure in heart.”

Anne Gilmer Martin’s gravestone

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Anne Gilmer Martin

Though we were unfortunately unable to scan any of Anne Gilmer Martin’s scrapbooks, we believe that she was an important member of the family and decided to still include her in this project.

Anne Gilmer Martin Stoffregen was born June 24, 1869 and passed away January 26, 1938. Anne was the youngest of three children born to Dr. Martin, a distinguished Confederate surgeon, and his wife, Ella Martin.

Like those who came after her, she was an avid supporter of history and listed as a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution (D.A.R.) in 1908, when she was 39.

Though we cannot provide any images of her scrapbooks, we were fortunately able to scan the images of several greeting cards sent to Gilmer from friends across the country in celebration of her 30th wedding anniversary (1893-1928). These scans are pictured above.

Transcriptions of the Cards

  1. “Anniversary Greeting by Western Union. New York, NY. Mr and Mrs Robert Lee Sroffregen [sic], 1100 Princess Anne St., Wishing you many happy returns with our dearest love, Jule and Josephine.”
  2. “The same love that dates nearly a century, Cassie.”
  3. “With love from your bridesmaid, Helen W. Banner.”
  4. “Gilmer and Lee from Anne, Wishing you many happy returns.”
  5. “Wishing you many Happy returns with your Husband’s Love.”
  6. “With your Husband’s Love, 1893-1928, April 6th.”


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