Green Fleur-de-Lis, 1952, Anne Martin Wilson, “A Policeman’s Lot”

Newspaper clipping of Anne Martin Wilson attending "Youth Day" at the local police station

Newspaper clipping Anne Martin Wilson attended a “Youth Day” event at the local police station through James Monroe High School as an “Assistant Superintendent.” This event is dated May 6, 1952.

The clipping reads:

“A Policeman’s Lot: Not always an unhappy one, was the assignment for these James Monroe students yesterday on “Youth Day.” In top picture, Dulcy Houston prints a parking ticket on Mrs. Leroy Hicks’ car, as the owner urges Officer Hugh T. Rose to relent. (He did). Below, “Sergeant” John Willis practices calling all cars in police headquarters. Lookin on are “Assistant Superintendent” Anne Wilson, Lt. W.W Stone, “Superintendent” Pete Tansill, and Sgt. E. G. Stone Jr. Pupils took over public office in all branches of the city government for the day.

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